Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Marshall VS8080

Well, that was a bust.
The tube arrived in the post today. Plugged it into the base and........... it works.

Was hoping for something more exciting I suppose. Just bought a $300 amp for $60.

The volume potentiometer is bad though and a few others too so I'll replace them in time.

A pic of the two tubes. The pink Lines mark points in the Glass where a blackening is on the old but not the new. They are both 12ax7 tubes.

Old           New

Going to have to find some other shit to fix.
thanks for watching

Sunday, 10 February 2013

marshall 8080 crispy

Couldnt wait for the Tubes to turn up so popped the box open.

A previous repair job has been done. The components (high wattage resisters) all seem fine, this may not be my issue but definately has me scratching my head on how to get around this.

Have dug up, on the Dr Tube  website, the schematics for a JCM800 series 50watt amp running a 12inch speaker.
Thats my new worst case scenario plan

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Marshall Valvestate 8080

And now for something completely different.
Having recently sold my huge guitar amp i needed a smaller alternative.
Having basically wasted a pile of money on the huge amp in the first place, the subsequent sale left me needing something cheap.
Up popped this nifty 80watt combo for low-low dollars.
One catch.
It doesn't work.

YAY. Two needs filled.
Didn't even waste time chatting too much with the guy, just dropped him 2 lobsters (Aussie slang) and dragged it home.
Plugged it in and sure nuff, don't work. Some weak output and crackling when the master vol is turned.
At this stage I've ordered a replacement preamp tube. It only has one so i figure for $20 its a worthwhile spare anyhow.
Also downloaded and printed the schematic from Dr Tube so safety net in place!

A welcome change from the Mig welders as all they have needed was reassembly and parts replacement. This is my first foray into Amplifiers and hopefully I don't Fuck it up completely.
All else fails I'll glue the "Marshall" script to my toolbox.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Krank Engineering

A plug for a Kustom Konsiderate Engineer!
Matt Mcleod of Krank Engineering. anyone willing to try designing an adr compliant beam extender for a VW beetle is Mad enough for me!!!!!!!!!


ps, Matt, hows my entry?